Bristle Bath Brush

Bristle Bath Brush

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CL-171 Cleanlogic Wooden Handle Bristle Bath Brush

About the Product:

Gently brushes away dead skin cells to open pores.

Removes impurities and restores skin’s natural glow.

Wooden handle for hard to reach areas.

Natural Bristles made from boars hair.

Product Description:

The Cleanlogic Wooden Handle Bristle Bath Brush gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin for the ultimate clean feeling. The long, wooden handle makes it easy to scrub hard-to-reach areas while firm bristles create a full and rich lather that deeply cleanses and revives dull, dry skin. With Cleanlogic, you’re left feeling smoothed and refreshed every time.

Directions: Wet and apply your favorite soap or body wash to brush. Grasp handle and scrub body to clean and exfoliate skin. Rinse brush and air dry.

With Cleanlogic products you’ll feel noticeably clean and refreshed every time.

For best results replace your back brush every 30 days, or when the ink on the ribbon begins to fade.