Brown Rice Pasta Elbows

Brown Rice Pasta Elbows

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Crafted in Italy using time-honored production methods and carefully selected varieties of rice, our brown rice pasta is as close to traditional as gluten-free can be. The future of gluten-free is delicious, wholesome, and completely satisfying food.

  • Cooks firm and has an enjoyable flavor that tastes great with all types of sauces.
  • Pressed with bronze dies and slow dried for superior quality, the only artisanal gluten-free pasta available today.
  • Made exclusively with Italian grown 100% organic brown rice.
  • Dedicated facility free of gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.
  • Certified gluten-free at less than 10PPM.
  • Organic
  • Kosher

Carla Bartolucci and her husband, Rodolofo,take their mission very seriously. When they started Jovial Foods, they had three goals: 1) support the small family farmer and pursue a sustainable business model; 2) honor individuals with food intolerances by sourcing only the finest, allergen-free ingredients to create delicious and wholesome foods they can enjoy with confidence; 3) rediscover the purest ancient and heirloom varieties of ingredients, replenish their supply and transform them into products that enhance nature’s innate goodness.

Their lofty goals were inspired by personal experience. Carla and Rodolfo discovered that their young daughter’s asthma, stomach problems, mood swings, sinusitis and even hair loss were caused by gluten sensitivity. At the time, they both were professionals in the organic food industry, but they realized they needed to go beyond organic, so they shifted their focus to great tasting, gluten-free foods processed without allergens, that were also made from the best Certified Organic ingredients.

All of Jovial’s organic farming and manufacturing is done in the Tuscany region of Italy, one of the world’s best places for foodies. Many of the farms there have been operating organically for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

“It’s a small business, and like most small businesses in Italy, it feels like family,” Carla said. “We have close relationships with our neighbor farmers and our manufacturers. It’s all done using “old world” traditions and craftsmanship to provide the very best products that our grandparents would be proud of.”


organic brown rice flour, water, Allergen Information: We process soy ingredients in our facility.