Patchouli Body Mist

Patchouli Body Mist

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Spray your way to mind-altering bliss with this down-to-earth, free-loving fragrance. Musky, earthy aromas keep the vibe mellow with Zum Patchouli Spray. Spritz when the air around you is funky or to uplift your aura and atmosphere around you. Spray away in the car, closet, drawers, bathroom, and yes, even yourself. Indigo Wild Zum Mist Patchouli is sure to become your new spray mainstay.

Indigo Wild Zum Mist is made exclusively with non-mellow-harshing ingredients that come straight from nature. With water, essential oils, and zero chemical emulsifiers, this patchouli body spray is naturally designed to never overwhelm you with too-strong scents.

No matter where you spray Zum, this mist will get you in a chill state of mind.


  • Essential Oils deep, earthy and musky Patchouli oils amp up the aroma.

  • Water and Vegetable Glycerin create a base that lets the essential oils shine. Shake and spray without the worry of harsh chemical emulsifiers.


Scent Profile: Patchouli has a strong, sweet scent that is spicy, earthy, and musky. a deeply earthy and muscled musky scent with a hint of sweetness.


Size 4 fl. oz.
what's inside? simple ingredients: water, fragrance (essential oils), glycerin
Scent Earthy