Probiotic Kids Berrylicious

Probiotic Kids Berrylicious

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GoLive® Kids'' convenient single-serving packets do not require refrigeration and go wherever you and your kids, vacation, camp, the beach - anywhere (even "time out")!

Better Probiotics - GoLive products contain a complex blend of fifteen documented and clinically-tested probiotic strains.

Better Prebiotics - Once blended in liquid, GoLive probiotics begin to grow and colonize as they consume the nourishing blend of prebiotic soluble fibers and sugar.

Better Delivery - GoLive probiotic products are freeze-dried and individually packaged in foil to prevent exposure to moisture and harmful heat-generating light. As a result, the probiotics are alive and growing when it time of consumption.

Better Effects - Probiotics play a key role in health and wellness by colonizing in the gastrointestinal tract - benefiting digestive, metabolic and immune function.