Psyllium Husks Caps
Psyllium Husks Caps

Psyllium Husks Caps

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Psyllium Husks is the strongest natural dietary fiber for promoting regularity and supporting heart health. It is most effective when used everyday, and can be used as long as desired. Yerba Prima offers the health benefits of Psyllium Husks in convenient capsule form.

  • Includes one (1) bottle of 180 psyllium husk capsules to promote regularity and heart health
  • Doctors recommend psyllium husks for people who eat low-carb diets, to help them get the extra fiber usually not provided in low-carb diets.
  • Natural fiber supplement that promotes easy and healthy elimination and removes waste from the colon more quickly
  • It has no added sugar, artificial flavor, artificial colors, binders, or fillers and is gluten-free, so gluten-sensitive people can use them
  • Strongest natural dietary fiber to promote regularity and support heart health in a convenient capsule form