Revive Hand Oil

Revive Hand Oil

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Freer Essence is a Kingston based, 100% natural skincare brand, handcrafting small batches of nourishing body and hair oils.

Our oils are carefully formulated to hydrate and moisturize while relieving anxiety and reducing stress. Using a skin- softening blend of organic, cold-pressed plant oils, enhanced with healing vitamin E, we have perfected a range of non-greasy, fast absorbing and deeply nourishing formulas. Our products can be use daily to keep skin moisturized, mind relaxed and spirit glowing.

We work with natural botanical ingredients, staying far away from nasty chemicals and anything GMO. We always choose ingredients which are either sustainable, organic or wildcrafted. Nothing is tested on animals (just our friends and family).

Our extra virgin Coconut oil, Raw Cocoa Butter, Pimento and Bitter orange oils are all made in Jamaica, while our organic Jojoba and organic Sunflower oils come procured from small family-run farms in the US. 


REVIVE // HAND OIL: A silky blend of rich plant oils and healing essential oils to keep hands and nails healthy, hydrated and protected. Formulated with energy boosting Bitter Orange, uplifting Bergamot, grounding Patchouli, earthy Vetiver and spicy Jamaican Pimento oil.