Sea Salt Mist Room & Body

Sea Salt Mist Room & Body

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Zum Mist Sea Salt hits the mark every time. Made with simple, plant-based ingredients and high-quality essential oils, this room and body spray helps you phase out the funk and fade into a coastal daze. The Sea Salt aroma is perfect for spritzing wherever you want to bring fresh whiffs — your gym bag, car, locker room, dresser drawers, the bathroom, wherever. 

Made with natural ingredients and no chemical emulsifiers, Zum Sea Salt Spray is great for use on your body and hair. The simple aroma of Sea Salt mixes with relaxing citrus so you feel thoroughly chilled and refreshed in more ways than one.


  • Essential Oils bring a fresh, airy aroma to amp up your ordinary.

  • Water and Vegetable Glycerin allow you to spray this aromatic delight all around your space or body without the worry of chemical emulsifier additives. Just give it a quick shake beforehand.


Scent Profile: This fresh blend has initial scents of floral and a hint of grapefruit. A touch of geranium releases underlying smoky patchouli with a citrus finish.


Size4 fl. oz.

simple ingredients:water, fragrance (essential oils), glycerinScentFloral